Handmade with 2 natural/raw Emeralds, the casual yet trendy bracelet is crafted in 24k gold plated brass.

Emeralds known as the Stone of Successful & Abundant Love, emeralds open the heart to receive love in all aspects of life. The emerald meaning encourages you to give love to others as well as receive their love, enhance your own self-love and strengthen your connection with divine love. By also helping you to let go of negativity, Emerald crystals will create positive outcomes, giving you the strength to overcome any obstacles in your life.

Baru Emerald Bracelet

  • -Measures: 1/2’’ diameter -Adjustable/Slip on

    -Natural color variance may occur

    -Avoid contact with anything containing derivatives of alcohol

    -24K gold plated-brass

    -Genuine stones

    -Made in Colombia